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Hello i want to combine the upstreams of several VDSL lines of my customer in order to get a result similar to bonding.
is it possible to define multiple lines connecting via SD-WAN to the Nebula Cloud and then connect the VPN Client to 
the Nebula Cloud in order to take advantage of all the upstreams together? if yes how many wan ports can exist in a zywall vpn firewall
in order to use them with sd-wan?

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  • jannisb
    after so many days there is no answer. is my project difficult? still hope for an answer .thanks in advance !
  • Zyxel_Vic
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    Hi @jannisb
    The Client AutoVPN (VPN connection from hosts, not another VPN series firewall) will implement one WAN interface for the remote access VPN connection but not all of the WAN ports. However, if you have multiple SD-WAN devices with site to site connection in between, multiple WAN interfaces' usage will be optimized in certain application. 
    Regarding to maximum supported WAN interfaces, to VPN50/100/300, it will be 2/3/6
  • jannisb
    Zyxel vic thank you for your answer.when you say that an auto vpn client does implement only one interface do you mean one interface on the client side? Or will it also use only one interface on the remote site? I want to make the sql application running on the hq of the client run fast for the clients who are people working from home without a zyxel vpn router. 

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