zyxel gs1200-5 management vlan id change issue

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According to the firmware release notes a procedure to change vlan id for the management vlan was introduced

ZyxelSwitch GS1200-5
Release Note

2.Support management VLAN

However, when I try to change it via UI, it says "Please input an existing VLAN ID!"
When I create the vlan manually - e.g. vlan 10 with same settings as they were in vlan 1 and try to change management to the vlan 10 I am loosing connectivity to the switch and management interface

Please advise what's the procedure of changing management vlan from default id 1 in case of zyxel gs1200-5 firmware V2.00(ABKM.0)C0

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    Hi @klimov_mv ,

    Welcome to Zyxel community.

    Please follow the below steps to help you change management VLAN from default id 1
    Note: All network VLAN setting and PVID are used as examples in this article.
    Please replace them with your actual VLAN setting and PVID.

    First, setup a new VLAN. Make sure the port should be untagged, like port 3 in below picture. 

    Second, make sure new VLAN has been created.
    Then change the PVID of port 03 from “1” to “10”.

    Third, change the management VID from “1” to “10” and apply.
    Then change the connecting port to port 3(the port we set PVID to 10) and you may access management interface.

    Hope it will help.

    Zyxel Melen

  • Lens
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    Hi Melen,

    one question does it also work when the incoming connection is already tagged with VLANID 101 for example? For a few hours I try to connect my pfSense to the switch  with several VLANS including the management VLAN 101 but it does not work. Only when I connect an untagged interface and select the switch to tag it with VLAN 101 it works, but my goal is just to send the tagged management VLAN to the switch and have the DHCP-server from VLAN 101 give the switch an IP?

    What I tried:
    1) Activate DHCP-Client when it is still in VLAN1 on a untagged pfSense interface -> Switch gets IP from pfSense interface
    2) Create VLAN on switch (101) with all port as tag egress member except port 4 and 5 which are untagged so I can connect to the switch with my laptop and in case my untagged pfSense interface
    3) Set PVID on port 4 and 5 to 101
    4) Go to management and change Management VID to 101. 

    When I connect my pfSense interface with the VLAN101 to ports 1-3, I am logged out. It seems that the switch does not get an IP. Also my notebook on P4 does not get an IP via DHCP, and I cannot connect to the old IP.

    When I connect my pfSense LAN interface which is untagged on P5, the switch gets an IP. 

    Any input is welcome because I can't figure out why the switch does not want my VLAN101 :), or maybe its just the limitation of the switch?  

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    Hi @Lens,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    According to your description, it is because your port 1-3 still use other PVID,
    so your switch send DHCP discover to your pfSense with the  which is not 101,
    and your 
    pfSense won't send DHCP offer because PVID of DHCP request is wrong.

    So the solution is to change PVID of port 1-3(which port you want to connect to your pfSense) to 101, 
    then switch can send DHCP discover with right PVID and get IP.

    Zyxel Melen