annoying connection interruptions - reason 8

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Hi community

I have 3x NWA1123-ACv2 in my setup, configured with the below parameters.

All 3 APs distribute a single SSID called NWA5.2

If I am close to one particular AP all works fine. If I move in the first floor I keep getting disconnected and reconnected from time to time, which is really annoying. The reason code is 8 and I cant figure out what it means in detail. I can tell that the threshold is stil within the configured parameters. The APs run the most recent firmware, the problem occurs with a Macbook Pro and iPad as well.

The APs (AP-Eingang & AP-Stube) are on the same floor.

Many thanks for your help on what I can do to solve the issue.

Kind regards


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    Hi @Wookie

    The reason code 8 means the AP received the disassociation from the client. Since the roaming is triggered by the client when it reaches its roaming threshold. The signal shows -7x which is determined not good in the logs you provided, it might the client eager to find the AP to associate with better signal.

    Could you the distance between APs in the first floor and if there are any obstacles? We could understand the annoying of interruptions and would like to help. Thank you.



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    Hi Bella

    Thanks for your quick reply. I did some research and it seems that mac OS roams when the signal is below -70. Initially I thought the problem would come from the NWAs, but it doesnt seem so. I configured mac OS to choose the strongest Wifi-signal and as for now it seems to help. If I run into future problem I would be happy to come back to you.

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    Hi Wookie,

    you are always welcome, thanks for sharing!

    Kind Regards,