Understanding WAP Aerials

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I have a WLAN managed by a NXC2500.  I have good coverage in the main building and over external areas, but we have a temporary new building and although the signal is strong outside the building, it is poor to non-existent inside.  With the building being temporary, I am looking to use Zymesh to cover it rather than installing cables.

Up to now, all WAPs have been NWA-5121s so I am not up to speed on external aerials on WAPs.

As an example, I have been looking at an NWA-5560N to cover the temporary building and to connect it into the network through Zymesh, but to get a strong signal to it, ideally I need one or more of it's aerials to be outside the temporary building.  The unit has four removable aerials, so can I replace one or two of them with external ones like the EXT108 for example?  If so, how many of the four should be replaced?  Which of them should be replaced?

As you can see ,I am a complete newbie when it comes to the practicalities of this.  Can anyone give me a bit of a "for Dummies" insight of what I need to make this work?

Thanks in advance.

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