LDAP version 3 in USG

Wojtas Posts: 37  Freshman Member
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Is a plan to implement LDAP in version 3 to USG devices? Version 3 and authorization with SSL certificate is necessary if someone needs works with Google Secure LDAP

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  • Zyxel_Vic
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    Hi @Wojtas
    Thanks for the suggestion. We will put this idea into our feature queue for future further evaluation. 

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  • Zyxel_Tobias
    Zyxel_Tobias Posts: 123  Zyxel Employee
    HI Wojtas,

    I don´t see it on roadmap yet, but I´ll let you know more detailed in around 2 weeks.


    Kind Regards,


  • Wojtas
    Wojtas Posts: 37  Freshman Member
    Hi @Zyxel_Tobias

    Thank you for the answer! Here you find more information how it works in google ldaps

    I am waiting for some good news :)
  • Wojtas
    Wojtas Posts: 37  Freshman Member
    Have you some news regarding this?
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