USG Series Converter - converting configuration from USG210 to ATP500

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I would like to convert configuration from USG210 to the new ATP500 we got. 

looking at the there is no option to select ATP500 as output: 

What can I do? 
any other suggestion, or particular problematic steps I should consider?

Thank you 
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  • Zyxel_Tobias
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    Hi @phphil

    Thanks for coming back to us.

    You can try to choose ATP200 and convert it first, then remove the "header" of the .conf file (with Firmware and model info) and try apply this config into ATP500.

    If that works, all fine, if not you can check "File Manager" category in log afterwards to look for "Errors" and correct it.

    If everthing failed, feel free to open a ticket to our Support Team with USG210 config and we will help you to get a config you can use.

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