XGS1210-12 [FW: V1.00(ABTY.3)C0] - Port Speed not changable

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Hi, if i try to set on interface 9/10 the portspeed to 1GB/s, it doesnt work.
If you click on Apply, its back to auto and the speed stays at 2,5GB/s
Same for any other port or any other speed. Cant change anything at all.

Did i forgot something or is it simply a bug? Please check that :-)

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    Hi @MWPP

    welcome to our Community Forum!

    The speed rate on port, sounds like a bug, please report it to official Support to receive a fix:


    LACP is on the feature list already raised.

    Kind Regards,
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    Thanks! I reported and got an Answer.

    If anyone else has this issue, please configure your switch in a Private Broser Tab, or clean your cache/cookies.
    Didn't even camed to the idea that it can be a cookie issue xD

    Thanks everyone!
    Now please only implement the basic management stuff, and give us a POE version of this switch that doesn't cost 800usd :-)

    Cheers :-)

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    PS: The switch is anyway extremely dissapointing, thanks god you can set vlans, else i would have returned it.
    Isn't it possible to add at least LACP? or SNMP? Thats super basic stuff for a managed switch xD