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I'm encountering a problem connecting to SSL VPN on a USG 40 (fw version V4.35(AALA.3) ) from a Windows 10 20H2 computer.
I've been using for a year now version 4.0.3 and then 4.0.4 of Secuextender and everything worked perfectly since last week when all of a sudden it stopped connecting. The strange thing I noticed is that Secuextenderd don't even try to connect. When I click on connect, tray icon stays yellow for a few seconds and then it turns again red. I've already tried to 
uninstall it 2/3 times, use 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 version alternatively but nothing helped.
Windows is updated with latest updates. Is there anything I could do or check?

Thank you


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    you should try to update your USG40 to 4.62 FW

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