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I have a usg110 and a netgear 6300v2 as WLAN access point. Adresses are taken from the router, no ACL configured. Then i have a EX8000 extender (also netgear) it connects and extends the wlan. But when i switch a device to the extnder - connect from R6300v2 to EX8000 - i have no internet connection. The extender is reachable through the networkadress, i can access the admin UI.
What am i doing wrong? What configuration om my usg110 do i have to fix?

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    Would seem the problem is between 6300v2 and EX8000 and nothing to do with the USG if your getting internet by 6300v2 then its working upto that point. 
  • Daniel_01
    Hello Peter
    Internet till 6300v2 is working, every connected device has access.
    EX8000 is also connected to the 6300v2, i can see it in the list of connected devices on the 6300v2. What i'm recognizeing now is, that the mac ont the 6300v2 for the EX8000 is different than on the DHCP Leas of the usg110 for the EX8000. Could be the problem.

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