ZyWall110 or USG110? Are they able to use the same config?

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We're owning an USG110 since a few years. Now we thinking about purchasing a second device as failure reserve, since we offer some critical services to our costumers.

As per Zyxel description (https://www.zyxel.com/de/de/promotions/ZyWALL-Serie-oder-USG-Serie--Welche-ist-f%C3%BCr-Ihre-Anforderungen-geeignet--20130910-797138.shtml) there are some small differences between both devices. But ZyWalls are often cheeper to buy and available without UTM bundles.

My question: Are ZyWalls using the same firmware like USGs and are they able to process our USG configuration? In case of a USG failure, we would like to replace the broken device with the Zywall, uploading our latest config, and that's it. Does it work?

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  • Zyxel_Lukas
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    Hello @USG_User ,

    both, the current USG and ZyWall series, do use ZLD. The most recent firmware for both is version 4.35. Also their GUIs are looking the same.

    There are no major differences in their capacities:



    And yes, you can upload a USG110 configuration file onto a ZyWALL 110. I compared both default configuration files and did not find a difference.

    Please also have a look here:

    Best regards


  • USG_User
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    Thanks a lot Lukas. We will compare the capabilities of both devices deeply before purchasing it. But good to know that the USG config is working with the ZyWall as well.

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    In the meantime we found some sellers for USG110 with offer acceptable prices. Another question: USGs will often be sold as a bundle with different signature licences which are valid for one year.

    If we do not activate the licence bundle, since the USG will be stored as a reserve for our current USG, they never expire, isn't it?

  • Zyxel_Vic
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    Hi @USG_User

    General speaking, yes the USG will be sold with a package of bundled licenses together. However, the SKUs may have some difference depends on your region. For more clear information regarding to the purchasing SKU, you can contact with Zyxel local representative. If you can't find a contact window for certain information, you may send a private message to me (with your country information) so that I can help to forward to a proper people locally.

    And yes if you purchased a USG device (with bundled license) and just store it without using it (and didn't register this device), the license will not expire.

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