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Good day,

In our company we have several remote workers. Now we have the case that we have 2 remote workers, sharing the same external IP address as they work from the same building.

Unfortunately, when one of them is connected, number 2 cannot connect. So it seems that more than 1 VPN from the same IP address is not possible.

I am using L2TP over IPSec VPN, with a Zywall-110. Is there a solution for this annoying issue?

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  • Peter_NL
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    It is really confusing for me....

    I tried this weekend from home with 2 different laptops, and it worked perfect.

    Today I asked my colleagues that were having the issue to try again, and they just informed me that it works perfect. Without any change....

    So sorry for wasting your time, it works perfect. Many thanks!

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  • PeterUK
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    Could you draw out the network layout and devices with same IP?

  • Maybe not the best drawing ever, but here the situation sketch:

    In the office we have the Zywall-100 connected to the internet. In my drawing I added 4 laptops, in reality we are talking about ca 15. But the problem is in the ad-hoc office. We have 2, sometimes 3 laptops there, all connected to the internet which is offered in that building.

    So laptop 3 & 4 have the same external IP address and if laptop 3 is connected, laptop 4 cannot connect (and vise versa).

  • PeterUK
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    Are you using different user names when connecting by VPN?  

    What router is the laptops connected too before the VPN?

  • Peter_NL
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    Each user use an own username and password via active directory.

    Router is unknown....
  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 950  Guru Member

    Could be a limitation of the router and NAT the laptops are connected too or limitation of L2TP but not sure.

    Are you able to test other routers with two VPN connections to the Zywall-110?

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