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Will ZYXEL be bringing the ATP series to Nebula?

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  • Mark_Zyxel
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    Dear @TAPTech

    I moved your comment to the idea's section.

    I think it's a good idea. let me find out if there is already something on the roadmap!


  • TAPTech
    TAPTech Posts: 99  Ally Member

    Thanks Mark, we would really like to see this happen!

  • itxnc
    itxnc Posts: 64  Ally Member
    Little birdies have said this is on the roadmap - hope so - would definitely be a step in right direction (*cough* UniFi *cough*). I'm not a big fan of Nebula right now because it hides so much functionality BUT jsut the direct remote access without having to VPN into a router along with centralized monitoring would be HUGE
  • dscope
    dscope Posts: 8
    I strongly agree. I have over 15 ATP200's out there and centrally managing them in nebula would be fantastic.
  • Trilogy
    Trilogy Posts: 1
    I very surely hope that it is happening. According to an official information from Studerus Network Technologies (Zyxel in Switzerland) integration of the ATP series into Nebula is planned from Q3 2021 onwards. I built my new site based on Nebula-capable devices based on that information.
  • Mark_Zyxel
    Mark_Zyxel Posts: 111  Zyxel Employee
    Dear all,

    This will be implemented this year! 
    That's for sure! =)


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