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Is it possible to make the USG series only use secure DNS requests using DNS-over-HTTPS or other? I can find no literature on this matter.


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    I don't think that USG support DOH or DNSSEC now.
    Just interesting that the major purpose for you ?
    Internet access privacy ?
    Preventing DNS attack ? like DNS hijacking(Man-in-the-middle)

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    Hi @cfts_ea,
    It does not support DNS-over-HTTPS at current design.
    As I know, it is draft in IETF, which means documents valid for a maximum of six months and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time.
    Once the standard is changed from draft to final, we will consider if we’ll implement it on device or not.

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    Sorry took a little while to get back, Google, Cisco and even Microsoft are implementing, so have the situation changes yet for Zyxel, I press this because this has become a serious business requirement and is now considered essential that even if not implement right now that it will be soon.

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    any news from zyxel?
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    Hi @sasch,

    Thank you for your interesting.
    This feature is in our to be implement queue.

    But so far we don't have detailed schedule yet.

    Best regards.

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