ZyWALL as a client connecting to a VPN server

PeterUK Posts: 861  Guru Member

So I know how to do site to site and Remote Access (Server Role) but can't seem to setup the ZyWALL as a VPN client for say freel2tpvpn.com.

Or is it not possible?


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  • Jeremylin
    Jeremylin Posts: 139  Ally Member
    edited April 2020

    It seems does not possible, since the VPN remote policy can't fill FQDN(fr.freel2tpvpn.com) on Zywall.

  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 861  Guru Member

    Doing some testing theirs a bug for adding Enable Extended Authentication Client Mode with user name freel2tpvpn.com from saving as it has a dot.

    So I got my VM setup with Remote Access (Server Role) with the following on ZyWALL 110

    I then want to connect to that VPN over cellular1 on my VPN300 and this is how I set that up and the first problem is VTI does not allow Dynamic Address and the following does not connect.

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