Old SSID's showing up after the AP is now controlled

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Ok, I have three AP's that used to be controlled manually and setup with unique SSID's on each AP.  Once i connected the NCX2500 it took over managing the AP's (which is what i want).  I have configured the AP's in the controller to have multiple SSID's on each AP again which is what i want.  But I am still seeing some of the old SSID's being broadcasted.  They dont show up in the controller but is there a way i can remove them?  Do i need to somehow remove the AP from the controller and wipe the AP device and then rejoin?  
Any help would be great.

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    Reebs Posts: 8
    thanks Ill start to work on this.  when i select now under diagnostics where do the files go?  Do i need to have a USB stick available?  I am working remote and dont have direct access to the unit at this time.