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I have a USG60W along with a GS1920-24 and some NWA5123-AC (plugged into the switch), now I also got an Outdoor AP Enclosure in order to bring my Wifi into the garden (what works fine using 2 vlan-based SSIDs for internals and guests). But I am a little bit worried about security (someone unplugging the AP and connecting their laptop directly to the network) and tried so setup port auth/security for the outdoor AP (not the users, the AP device itself). MAC based security does not seem to be adequate as it requires to allow each wifi device. Can I use 802.1x to auth the AP at the switchport or is there any other suggested solution for securing an outdoor ap (besides locking the rj45 jack)?

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    Hi @CPF,

    What's Outdoor AP Enclosure you're using? Is it our outdoor AP enclosure of Zyxel as below link?

    Generally outdoor AP would be installed in a high place which is not easily accessible and the enclosure is locked and not easily opened by physical methods as well to truly avoid your actual concern that is someone unplugging the AP and directly connecting to the network using cable.


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    yes I use this outdoor AP enclosure (original brand components only :))

    In my case the AP is located at a height of 1.5m (on our garden house) and is therefore easily accessable. I could mount it inside the gardenhouse if there is no technical solution.

    I just wondered if there is any technical functionality to really make sure no one can easily use the cable on other devices (e.g. 802.1x client on the AP so the device could authenticate against the switchport) as this AP is a business device where security functionalities should be present.