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I need a VPN site to site, site A and B have USG40.
site A 192.168.6.x and USG40
site B 192.168.6.x and USG40

is it possible or have I to change addresses on A or B ?

thank you

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  • Alfonso
    Alfonso Posts: 257  Master Member
    Hi @damianodec

    I do not think you can establish a VPN using yje same source and destination ip address range (I am assuming network netmask is /24).
    If ip address range of the sites are not overlapped, the VPN be configured.

    Another way to try to connect is to configure static NATs which will be done in (for example) in site A, and "undone" in site B. But i do not recommend it. 


  • Jeremylin
    Jeremylin Posts: 139  Ally Member

    Check this article to avoid local subnet overlapping problem. 

    However, it could be managed easier if the network with different subnet. 


  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 911  Guru Member

    If you subnet each site to then it would work.

  • serverpal
    serverpal Posts: 16  Freshman Member
    thank you!
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