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I solve access to NAS server behind non public IP (SBG3500) without Dynamic DNS services. We have a puplic IP on other site (USG110)  and IPSec VPN connection to SBG site.
How can I configure access to the NAS over Port forwarding and VPN? Topology is here.

Thank You

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    Hi @dejmal69,

    On SBG, select “Any” as Remote IP Type in IPSec policy.

    On USG, set local policy of VPN tunnel as

    Add a policy route for traffic from SBG.

    Incoming: tunnel

    Source Address: SBG LAN subnet (ex:

    Next-Hop: USG’s wan interface

    Add a NAT rule.

    In this example, the PC in SBG’s LAN has IP address

    Add a security policy rule.

    Click this link to start:

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    Hi @dejmal69

    I am going to give to you a theoretical answer.

    - Port Forwarding to NAS IP address. (Static destination NAT)
    - Source NAT. Masquerade the Internet (public) IP Address, using an authorized VPN IP address (usually an internal ip address)
    - VPN configuration to SBG3500. (be sure the Source NAT address is allowed to use the VPN)

    I hope it helps.


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    Thank You very much.

    I test this config.
    - NAT to NAS internal IP
    - On both sites is the same subnet.
    - VPN SNAT over fake subnet and DNAT fake subnet mapped to original
      local subnet.
    - Policy route source lan1 interface, dest remote subnet, nexthop vpn to SBG.

      KB Zyxel states that VPN SNAT allows you to use the same subnets without conflict. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. It's obvious that they can be on both sites, but not local / remote VPN subnets.
    I haven't tried to configure it like this yet:
    - VPN USG110 local sub the same as NAS sub -> Fake sub -> remote sub
       (other on SBG)
    - SBG route, source SNAT IP , destination NAS IP
       (Depend on SBG possiblities) If a route back to the VPN is needed, then it
        will not work. SBG does not allow next hop to VPN. For the same reason,
        L2TP access from USG110 cannot be used.

    If you know of other configuration variants, please share.

    Thank You

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    Hello Zyxel_Emily

    That's great. So easy. Thank You very much.


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