Is it possible to import a list of static DHCP assignments to the USG FLEX 500 firewall?

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We're switching from OPNsense to the USG FLEX 500 and don't want to manually retype 200+ entries of MAC and IP Adresses + client names. Is there a way to import a predefined list of these entries? I already have the exported list ready, but can't find a way to import it anywhere.

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    Accepted Answer
    Hi @J0nas,
    There no directly import function on management GUI.
    Here a Windows tool that can help you to generate a CLI script file to import and run it on USG FLEX 500.
    Note: USG FLEX 500 support max. 512 static DHCP entries.

    Follow these steps,
    1.Prepare your mapping list text file (the format you can refer example CSV file in ZIP package) 
    2.Run this tool
    3.Click Browse to loading the mapping file
    4.Edit the interface name (If you want different entries for different IP interface. You need to split the entries into different file. Loading one file, set interface name and generate one by one.) 
    5.Click "Generate zysh script". You will get a "static_dhcp_xxx.zysh" CLI script file.

    Then login to USG FLEX 500 GUI.
    1. Go to Maintenance > File Manager > Shell Script
    2. Browse and upload the CLI script file.
    3. Select the file and click Apply button to run the CLI.

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