No description for radio buttons on GUI page of VLAN port settings

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Using the WEB GUI via PC, iPad, Android, in any browser, The option desriptions are not labelled. See screen shot


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    Hi @Don,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    We had this similar issue on our switch after the Firefox browser upgraded to version 49.0.1 and the issue has already fixed by the latest firmware version.

    Please make sure your switch's firmware version is the latest version V2.30.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thank you,
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    I'm having the same issue, with a GS1900-48. All my browsers are up to date (safari, chrome, firefox), and I can't upgrade the firmware because it says

    "Image Signature Error. Please make sure the image is correct"
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    Based on your description, "Image Signature Error. Please make sure the image is correct" means that the firmware file is not correct.

    Please verify if your v2.40(AAHN.1) firmware file size is 6,810KB (zipped).
    Or kindly refer to this link and download the latest firmware version v2.40(AAHN.1).
    Then try to upload again to solve the issue.

    Hope it helps.
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    I found this post and wanted to fix the web UI on my GS1900-24E (A1?). I downloaded the 2.70 firmware and loaded it into the switch. After rebooting, I could connect to the switch on but the default username and password no longer worked. I tried several times and different browsers and rebooted the switch but it always said invalid. So I held the reset button down more than six seconds, and after a few minutes the switch came back on but now there is no web UI available at to log into.

    The switch seems to work but now after updating instead of being able to see the fixed UI or log in with the default password, I cannot find the switch at all. Is there any way to resolve this and get back into the UI?

    Update: Turns out the switch used DHCP to get an address and was given .128 which is why I couldn't find it at .1. I discovered this by downloading the ZON software for Windows which was apparently able to locate the switch even though it had a DHCP address.