Impossible to remove EZMODE_VPN_L2TP

danieles Posts: 3
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I have set a VPN by Easy Mode but I'm not able to delete o modify it neither in Easy Mode nor Expert Mode.
In Easy Mode I'm stacked at step 3: USG20 doesn't save.

How to fix it?


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  • Zyxel_Charlie
    Zyxel_Charlie Posts: 1,008  Zyxel Employee
    The EZMODE_VPN_L2TP rule can be deleted with following way.
    Go to Expert Mode>Configuration>VPN>IPSec VPN>VPN Connection>Select EZMODE_VPN_L2TP then Click the Remove button>Press Yes.

  • Hi,
    sure, I have tried several times to remove it but IT DOESN'T WORK! After click the configuration is still present.

  • Zyxel_Charlie
    Zyxel_Charlie Posts: 1,008  Zyxel Employee
    I checked it again with firmware: 4.39(ABAQ.0) without any issue.

    What firmware version are you using? Use Incognito window and check it again.
    If the issue still occur, can you private message the configuration for check further.
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