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  • Wolfgang
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    I had a case with the Zyxel support with nearly the same Problem which came up when a VPN is configured.

    I am very unsatisfied with the answer, because when you are on a different lan you get other Problems and have to add routing and so on!

    Answer from Zyxel support:

    In this case, USG60W with slow speed performance is because the Bridge problem. In current ZLD design, default bridged WLAN SSID to Ethernet LAN1, when there’s traffic packet transmit will into Bridges checking bridge table packet and decide to WLAN or Ethernet LAN. This will decrease and effects on throughput as well.

    Therefore, base on our design,

    to get better performance, user need to change the setting on local VAP Setting from Lan1 to Lan2.

  • Ydnacp
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    Hi All,

    I just got a new USG60W and I'm having the same problem.. 
    I'm running firmware 

    I have a 500Mb Down/ 50Mb Up link and using the provider router I'm reaching the maximum throughput.
    But with the 
    USG60W I'm reaching less than 100Mb Down/ 45 Up.

    The Wi-Fi even wrost, 30Mb Down / 25 Up

    Could you guys help me with that?

  • PeterUK
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    how to throughput 
    TIP for getting faster throughput on USG/VPN/Zywall — Zyxel

    I have test the USG60W and get 400Mb max by TCP out of it by wire as a bridge .
  • Ydnacp
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    Hey Peter, 

    My  " Data Collection / Collect Statistics" was alread unchecked. 
    But just as test, I've enabled it.. and you are right it decrease the throughput....

    Unfortunatelly, I'm still facing the same problem...   500Mb internet and the USG60W only delivery 300Mb.

  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Based on out lab test for USG60W, the test result as below,
    In our lab test with 1G ISP connection
    http(download) : 531.4 mbps
    http(upload)   : 431.2 mbps
    Had you enabled any kind of UTM services since the UTM function may consume the resource and affect the throughput result
  • hp1
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    hi there, i have the same problem.
    using a USG60W at 500/50mbit cable line and the highest throughput i can get is around 280/50mbit - average is around 180/50mbit (wired, cat6) - wifi speed is even worse around 30/25mbit.
    debug _speedtest-cli shows 60/25mbit (wired)
    if i connect a system directly to the modem i get fullspeed.
    speedtests were made on different sites (,, steam, xbox live, public and private servers)

    i'm running on the latest firmware (V4.39(AAK7.0)), replaced every cable, tested on several different computers/operating systems, did a factory reset, switched off the statistics, logging, session control and every UTM feature.
    some other details:
    dhcp table of 34
    wifi enabled (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
    L2TP VPN enabled
    13 sec.-policies enabled (including default & vpn stuff)
    i also tested a blank config without wifi, vpn and even disabled firewall feature: around 380-400/50mbit.
    cpu usage: <5-10% (idle; normal usage), 80-90% (while speedtesting)
    if i remember correctly the problems started at the end of 2019 (i guess 2-3 firmware versions ago).

    any suggestions?

    kind regards,
  • Harska
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    Hello Hans;

    I tried everything, but nothing will help.
    It's just naturally slow, outdated hardware,
    CPU missing the crunching power it needs to pass the packages fast.

    There is nothing to do, exept change to another router.
    I returned the Zyxel and bought other brand.

    Now I have Cisco RV340W and the same laptos, same fiber optics 300 Mbit/s connection
    and I get speeds over 330 Mbit/s. The ISP gives actually 350 connections but quarantees
    300 Mbits/s even under heavy load.

    Unfortunately, only thing I can say is: Dump the box, and get yourselves a Router!

    Zyxel should stop selling this outdates hardware. It's time is over.

  • hp1
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    hi harska,
    thanks for your reply - that's the thing i was afraid of.

    but i don't unterstand how zyxel-support gets those speeds of 500mbit+ then - and until last year i had a stable download-rate of 250mbit at least - with session control, logs etc. enabled. so this sounds like some firmware bug to me.
  • Harska
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    Hi Hans;

    There is no way they can get high speeds for real.
    The box is slow, and there is no way around that fact.

  • Ydnacp
    Hi all,  @hp1 @Harska

    I came to the same conclusion.  There is no sollution. The box do not support 500Mbps down.
    Unfortunately the @Zyxel_Charlie support can't help with this. 

    The best option is return the box to zyxel and go to other option. 

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