How the client can distinguish between 2 IPsec Gateway both with dynamic remote peer

I have 2 IPsec Gateway on USG60 one is used for Site-to-Site VPN the other is for L2TP. Both have different VPN Connection with separated internal subnets. Both have dynamic peer address for remote gateway. The Site-to-Site is the first in the row, and when my phone wants to connect via L2TP I got the message "Invalid payload type in encrypted payload chain" as it check the preshare key with the Site-to-Site VPN Gateway preshare key. The L2TP works in case I deactivate the Site-to-Site Gateway. 

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  • zyman2008
    zyman2008 Posts: 103  Ally Member
    Configure IKE phase 1 proposal of Site-to-Site rule different with L2TP/IPSec rule.

  • It's different,
    Site-to-Site is:
    L2TP is:
    1. 3DES SHA1
    2. 3DES MD5
    3. DES SHA1
  • Zyxel_Charlie
    Zyxel_Charlie Posts: 997  Zyxel Employee
    edited November 2020
    As Zyman2008 mentioned, set the phase 1 proposal of Site-to-Site rule different with L2TP/IPSec rule, so these two scenarios will be separated.
    Can you private message the remote access for check further?
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