VPN100 - Edit Ethernet window won't load for LAN interface after upgrading to 4.60(ABFV.0)



  • @xbolshe
    I tested it locally without any issue


    Does this issue occur on previous firmware version? 
    Also, can you private message configuration for check purpose?

    No. It does not.

    I see the following problem:
    After sending commands from 0 to 24 as shown on a picture below, a response like zyshdata + i was returned only for 0 to 16 commands. There is no response for commands 17 - 24. The first command of this list is
    show matching mac oui LAN1_POOL,Static_.....

  • I have deleted manually (via command line) static DHCP records for LAN1 interface. And now it works - see a picture below. So, the bug is related with static DHCP records.

    Router# configure terminal
    Router(config)# interface lan1
    Router(config-if-lan1)# no ip dhcp-pool Static_LAN1_xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Router(config-if-lan1)# no ip dhcp-pool Static_LAN1_yyyyyyyyyyyy
    Router(config-if-lan1)# no ip dhcp-pool Static_LAN1_zzzzzzzzzzzz
    Router(config-if-lan1)# no ip dhcp-pool Static_LAN1_cccccccccccc
    Router(config-if-lan1)# no ip dhcp-pool Static_LAN1_nnnnnnnnnnn

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    May you add several static DHCP records to LAN1 and check how GUI works on 4.60?

  • One more interesting point: VPN50 does not support a comma separated list in a command like shown below. It may be a problem.

    Router# show matching mac oui LAN1_POOL,Static_LAN1_xxxxxxxxxxxx
    % (after 'oui'): Parse error
    retval = -1
    ERROR: Parse error/command not found!
    Router# show matching mac oui LAN1_POOL
    No.  MAC OUI member
    1    33:33:33
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    I am experiencing the same issue after upgrading.
    It does seem to be related to static DHCP reservations as stated previously by 'xbolshe'
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    @xbolshe , @bbp , @Tom2456 , @Bula64 , @RafaelDalben , @noelchiocchetti , @gb5102
    Regarding to this issue, the solution has been released.
    You can download from this Link.

  • THX A MILLION !!! It's working now !!
     working just fine !! 
  • @Zyxel_Charlie  I confirm that the problem disappeared on VPN50 V4.60(ABHL.0)ITS-2020-11-22-201100284 / 2020-11-22 15:52:44. Thanks a lot!

  • @Zyxel_Charlie I confirm as well that problem disappeared on VPN100 VV4.60(ABFV.0)ITS-2020-11-23-201100284 / 2020-11-23 09:0. Thanks a lot for your swift support!

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