Policy Control is Not Working

AlbertKang Posts: 2
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IPs other than IPs of Test2 should not be connected, but access is possible.

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_Stanley
    Zyxel_Stanley Posts: 815  Zyxel Employee
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @AlbertKang  

    In the default policy control rules, there is no rule to allow the traffic from WAN to LAN.

    And also in the last rule, it has blocked the traffic those doesn't allowed.

    You may double confirm if there is any rule allows the traffic and check the last rule is stay in “deny” or “reject”.

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  • AlbertKang
    AlbertKang Posts: 2
    edited December 2020
    Thank you so much, but I can't see the setup screen after changing it to deny, so I'll try again after initializing it.
    It works very well.
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