Hot fix for CVE-2020-29583 is available now

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Dear User,

We just released latest firmware which fixed the  CVE-2020-29583 vulnerability.
Please click on below models to download the hot fix file.



Thank you for using Zyxel products, we will keep offering the best service for you.


  • RhvO
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    We've tried updating our NXC2500 from V6.10(AAIG.0) to V6.10(AAIG.1) two times. In both cases the controller does not boot after the update. The SYS led is red. After a power cycle the controller still works, but the firmware is reverted to the old version V6.10(AAIG.0). Any tips?
  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @RhvO ,

    May I know is there any log shown in NXC2500 about the firmware upgrade failed? Would you collect the diagnostic and PM to me to check the detail of the upgrading issue?
  • Zyxel_Joslyn
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    Hi @RhvO

    Would you mind to upgrade the firmware via FTP which will transfer the firmware image faster? Enable the FTP service for this time, and follow the below steps to upgrade the FTP firmware.

    After finishing updating, disable the FTP service if you are worried about the impact.

  • RhvO
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    Thank you for help. We do not get any information in the logs. We will try the ftp method.