USG60 L2TP VPN with 2 wan

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I have 2 problems with the l2tp configuration on firewall USG60W

First problem:
If I configure l2tp VPN with VPN wizard in "easy mode" everything works correctl, but if i try to do the configuration manually in "expert mode" I can't get it to work.

Second problem: more serious
How do I set up two  VPN l2tp to be able to connect using 2 wan interface?
I currently have two connections with 2 different ISP
WAN1 public ip a.a.a.a
WAN2 public ip b.b.b.b
LAN: 172.30.160.x
IP-range used for VPN
With VPN wizard I can create the l2tp connection on WAN1 or on WAN2.
But I have to create two connections on both wan interface so the user can access vpn using public ip on wan1 (a.a.a.a) or public ip on wan2 (b.b.b.b)


I solved the first problem!

Solved also second problem  see



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