[090707]Picture 2 is not clear

ZyDE_Tobias Posts: 0  Freshman Member
edited September 2017 in Archive 2017-2020

the picture in page 2 is not clear, may wrong format or size or whatever.

Please remove the fuzzines.



  • Zyxel_Support
    Zyxel_Support Posts: 435  Zyxel Employee
    This is current design.
    For the fuzzy picture: No Multy X installed.
  • ZyDE_Tobias
    ZyDE_Tobias Posts: 0  Freshman Member
    This didn´t understand any customer, all our 3 beta tester in office think it´s a mistake, not a design decision.
  • Zyxel_Admin
    Zyxel_Admin Posts: 27  Zyxel Employee
    I think it means if there is no Multy X in your house, your house would not get 100% Wi-Fi clear...... ;)