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I recently switched to VDSL and bought a 5501 as it has an S0 port.
The firewall drives me crazy as it does not allow me to do what I want: In order to use the Signal messenger (we use it extensively within our family), I would need to open TCP ports 80, 8443, 4433, 443, and 31337, and all UDP, but the 5501 firewall does not permit this!
What can I do?

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  • Ansa
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  • jmoellers
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    @Ansa: Unfortunately not. It covers installation and initial configuration mostly.
    It is even a bit misleading in that it states (translated:) "Be default the SPEEDLINK uses the following ports which should  not be used for port-forwarding: [...] UDP-Port 10000-19000", but, in effect, these ports can not be used!
    Unfortunately I did not know this when I shopped for a new router.
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    @jmoellers: The Speedlink 5501 is devoloped as a SIP Router for Telekom. At the standard configuration this router use several ports for VoIP application and remote management. (e.g. Port 10000-19000 for RTP traffic). Therefore you can not forward this port to your LAN clients.
    If you don´t use the VoIP application and you want to use this ports for port forwarding,  you must configure the Speedlink 5501 manually.

    At this case please disconnect the DSL cable and set the Speedlink to default configuration. After the reboot you must stop the automatic area detection and close the setup assistant. In the next step please start the setup assistant again and chose manual configuration (choose "Anderer VDSL-Anbieter") and configure the Speedlink 5501 via the following Web pages on the setup assistant.

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