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Hello there,
I am trying to open ports on my zyxel VMG3925-B10B router for a server for me and several friends to play a game known as Garry's Mod. I have followed multiple guides and forums. I have a static IP set up (this isn't my first server) and have opened TCP/UDP ports in the range 27000-27050 as recommended online (ideal port being 27015). I have also configured my windows firewall accordingly. However, whenever I go to check that the ports are working correctly on canyouseeme.org, I get "connection timed out" and "server not responding" when my friends try to join the server through the game.

I do not understand what it is I am doing wrong, help would be appreciated.

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  • LCP1997
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    I understand here that the ports are turned off, that was done deliberately after many failed tests.
  • Spaceman
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    Hello, I was just wondering if you ever figured out how to fix this. I have the exact problem and can't figure out why it isn't working. I need to port forward to host games as well. This route seems a bit too much for something as simple as home internet.
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    Not sure what kind of the WAN interface you used.
    If you are using VDSL, you would need to change your WAN interface to VDSL.
    The screen shot you shared is configured as WWAN. Maybe this is the reason that the status shown not active.
  • McLovin
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    I'm also having the exact same issue and in the same port range. I want my CSGO server publicly available but can't get any port forwarding to work and I have completely disabled the Firewall on my Windows Server 2012!

    I have tried all WAN connections without any luck and I'm using the Port Forward network utility (portforward.com) to test the ports.

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