PoE with a loop via Zyxel GS 1200 to power EdgeRouter X?

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My intention is to find out if it's possible to configure port 3 and 4 so, that for port 3 comes in a bridged LAN from bridge modem, and then it goes out from port 4 with PoE 24V, and that port 4 shall be connected to EdgeRouter X giving 24V power supply and internet.

Reason for my intention is not to use PSE for ER X, nor separate PoE adapter. Maybe this is just a dream... ;)


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    Case solved and closed, solution:

    1. In Zyxel create a new VLAN (123 was my choise) and set only one of ports (4 in my case) as a member (green). All others of this new VLAN selected non-member (grey). After that in the factory setting VLAN ID 1 change this selected port (4 in my case) as non-member (gray). This configuration stops all traffic from all ports to this selected port.
    2. Set PoE on for port 4
    3. Plug Ethernet cable to port 4, and to the other end of cable Instant 802.3af Indoor Gigabit PoE Converter. Then plug Ethernet cable from this converter to your EdgeRouter X port eth0. This converter is needed, because this router needs passive PoE 24V, and Zyxel gives 48V.
    4. Plug Ethernet cable from bridging VDSL2 modem to EdgeRouter X port eth4.
    5. Plug Ethernet cable to any of Zyxel switch ports 5-8. Now network is done.
    I was wrong, this caused serious network problems. Only one ethernet cable between switch and router required and allowed, 2 causes problems. VLAN thing not needed at all. Here corrected simple topography which works:

    1. Plug ethernet cable from modem to EdgeRouterX port eth4, where PoE disabled.
    2. Make sure that PSE is unplugged from EdgeRouterX.
    3. Plug Instant 802.3af Indoor Gigabit PoE Converter for ethernet cable you connect to one end to any of ports 1-4 of Zyxel switch and from the other end to eth0 of EdgeRouterX.
    4. After that turn PoE on for that particular port (1,2,3 or 4) connected to eth0 of router. This setting shall be done by typing web browser as in my screenshot below, my port 4 is the PoE supply to EdgeRouterX, in ports 1 and 2 I have other PoE wifi systems connected.

    A picture of my system

    I didn't know that in one ethernet cable is possible to supply PoE to one direction and data for opposite direction. Nut now I know, thanks for Ubiquiti forum.

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    Hi mora67,
    I think that it should work, GS-1200 port 3 is connected to a bridged LAN from bridge modem and port 4 is connected to EdgeRouter X with 24V power supply. Did you come across any problems?
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    Thanks for sharing the information.  :)