is AccessPoint nwa1123-ac affected by KRACK and will receive a firmware update?

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"KRACK (short for Key Reinstallation AttaCK) targets the third step in a four-way authentication “handshake” performed when Wi-Fi client devices attempt to connect to a protected Wi-Fi network. The encryption key can be resent multiple times during step three, and if attackers collect and replay those retransmissions in particular ways, Wi-Fi security encryption can be broken."

This affects all WPA2 implementations. Microsoft already provided a patch. All device manufacturers have already been informed the latest since 28 August 2017.

Refer to

I am aware of but I am not sure whether this applies for my product as well.

Anyway the last Firmware update for the nwa1123-ac dates from September 2016´so I am looking forward to at least yearly updates...


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