VLAN setup on GS-1900-10HP

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I want to split this switch into two - 4 ports for video, and 4 ports for everything else, but having problems getting it to work correctly.  I create VLAN 10 on ports 1-4, and set those ports to untagged and the other ports to excluded.  I then create VLAN 20 on ports 5-8 and set those all to untagged and the other ports to excluded.  I then set the PVID on ports 1-4 to 10, and 5-8 to 20.  Is this ok so far?

How do I handle VLAN 1 for management?  Should I set it to tagged? For what port?  Do I need to dedicate a port to it?

I connect my notebook directly to the switch to do the configuration, but depending on the order in which I do things, I sometimes lose connection to the switch, and other times the device scan won't find it so I need to reset it.

Can someone help me with the order of the steps I need to take?



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    Hi @kman,

    Your PC sends the untagged packets to the switch.
    After you configure PVID 10, the switch will encapsulate the packets with VLAN 10.
    Therefore, your PC can't reach the IP address on VLAN 1.

    Here is my suggestion:
    If you have a Router to be uplink of GS1900, you may use Router to route the packet to the management VLAN 1.
    Note: You have to configure VLAN 1, 10, 20 on the Router, the default gateway of GS1900 and management PC need to be configured by Router's VLAN 1 IP address.
    In this case, your PC is on VLAN 10, but it is able to access the VLAN 1 management IP on GS1900 via Router.
    If you don't have a Router, I think you are correct to remain a physical port(Ex: Port 1) for the management PC(VLAN 1).

    Hope it helps.