Ethernet connection between nodes

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Folks, can you confirm that this is now possible?



  • Zyxel_Steven
    Zyxel_Steven Posts: 246  Zyxel Employee
    Thanks for your feature request in Multy X.
    The Ethernet backhaul now is not supported yet.
    But the feature is already added in our further support plan, and the schedule is estimated yet.
  • W1zard1
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    Dear Zyxel Support,

    can you provide a timeline when the Feature will be implemented ? For me is this feature very important.

    Thanks and regards


  • Zyxel_Steven
    Zyxel_Steven Posts: 246  Zyxel Employee
    It's glad to get your attention.
    We have plan to support Ethernet backhaul in the future, but the feature is not ready for now. We are still working on it.
  • fuigo
    fuigo Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Ethernet backhaul would be an amazing feature to have on Multy X.
  • Roger
    Roger Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Any timeline update on ethernet backhaul?  This is awaited by many.    Thanks. 
  • Hanamichi
    Hanamichi Posts: 125  Ally Member
    May I know why you need Ethernet backhaul on WiFi System ("Tri-Band" router)?
    Do you encountered the problem? Can you share the purpose?
    To my knowledge, if WiFi System (Tri-Band router) use Ethernet backhaul, it just like general AP and will waste one band (5GHz 4x4 dedicated backhaul).
    Internet---1st node---<LAN>---2nd node, By the way, if 2nd node is too far from 1st node, the distance between two nodes may not cover each other. Your wireless devices may not enjoy whole coverage.
  • nons
    nons Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    Is there any news on when this Ethernet backhaul function will be available? Will it be implemented in the next firmware update?
  • W1zard1
    W1zard1 Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    Hello Support,  can you provide new Infos About this feature?  timeline ? 

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