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Hi Everyone,

I had bought a GS2210-24 and would like to setup a SYSLOG server.
I found out some features that I'm not quite sure of the function, due to it is not listed on the HELP page.
1. Does anyone know what actually do the various items under Logging Type monitor?
 (System, Interface, Switch, IP, AAA) 

2. May I know what does "Facility" do? 



  • Zyxel_Albert
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    There are plenty of events for each logging type. Share some events for each type according to my experience for your reference.
    System:Reboot, Save configuration failed, Voltage, temperature, fan speed out of range, Upgrade failed....
    Switch:STP topology changes, IPSG enable, ACL hit criteria, MAC table full, Port link speed and duplex mode autonegotiation failed....
    IP:Ping failed, Trace route failed, Get IP from DHCP....
    Interface: Link up/down, DDMI value abnormal, Broadcast storm detect...
    AAA: Login event(SSH, Telnet, Console, FTP, HTTPs), RADIUS unreachable, 802.1X related event.... 

    Facility is sort of event severity. It is usually divide into info, notice and warming. 
  • Zyxel_Ryan
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    Hi @Bayek

    Regarding the questions about the application of SYSLOG server, I would like to share an additional example for question 2.
    Hope it will help you understand the real application. 

    The Facility can provide us more convenient way to manage syslog. 
    For example, if we use the setting as the screenshot. 

    With these info(local_use_0, local_use_1), the syslog server can sort the syslog message into different files. 

    This will be more clear and convenient for us to management the syslog message. 

  • warwickt
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    Hi Guys, re: syslog server

    is there a gs-2210 facility to specify the PORT number for the syslog server?

    For example in the USG60/40/100 etc it is possible to assign a specific port (rather than the default 389)  to the syslog server via the CLI.

    Thanks in advance

    Hong Kong
  • JasonTsai
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    Hi @warwickt,

    We will enhance the feature "UDP Port" in Syslog Setup configuration page on GS2210 series in the next firmware version V4.50, and it will release around the end of February.

    Hope it helps.
  • warwickt
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    Hi Zyxel_Jason.. thanks mate. Nice one. The syslog server documentation in V4.30 is lacking.

    regarding the port number .. it should be default port 514  for syslog ;)  (my error typing back in 2018-jan-9) 

    Hong Kong

  • JasonTsai
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    Hi @warwickt,

    May you explain "The syslog server documentation in V4.30 is lacking." as you mentioned?
    Since Syslog Setup is completed introduced at P.389-P.391 in the GS2210 V4.30 user's guide, and it is normal that doesn't have UDP port information because the feature is enhanced in firmware V4.50.

    Hope it helps.