zyWall 110 DHCP no intenet by WLAn

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we use a ZyWall 110 V4.31 AAAA.0 2018-03-28 00:00:36.
The most of the PCs use a Fixed IP4. Only 30 DHCP cliens Access withe a Hotspot the Internet.
We get the messange the internet is not connet at androide. The DNS servers Fail.

Router lan 1 is at

DHCP Server
Ip Start pool pool Size : 30
First DNS Server ZyWall
Defalut Router LAN 1 ip
Lease Time  15 min

some bose sound system at Static DHCP Tabel at range withe MAC adress.

we try dns server WLAN 1, Coustem we got at all the same problem.

at DNS Register : Adrress/ptr Recode : one Adress for Email client to local server
Domain Zone Forwader :
Domain Zone : *
Type : user-Definded
DNS Server :
Querry via : wlan1

somebody have a idea?




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  • Jeremylin
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    Cannot the all client access internet with default DNS setting? 
    Since your configuration is not too complex and firmware is previous version, I suggest you update the latest firmware and reconfigure it again.
  • Kowalsky
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    the pcs withe stactic IPs have no problems.

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