Zyxel NWA1123-AC-HD in repeater mode

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Hi all,

to solve several wifi issues at home I have decided to buy a pair of NWA1123-AC-HD access points. The assumption was, as these devices were sold as a set, that I can use one as the main AP (connected to my switch) and the other as a "repeater" to extend the existing network. Unfortunately there seem to be no way to set this ap to "repeater mode". Is there something I am missing or is this device really not capable of serving as a repeater for an existing wifi network? Taking a look at the price, such a "standard" functionality that other "cheap" access points are providing, would be something I really expect to be included... Is there any chance of getting this soon? Or do I have to send back the devices?




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    Hi @Talkabout

    NWA1123-AC-HD does not currently support WDS-related functions with root and repeater modes. It will be supported at next official firmware version 6.00 and will be released approximately at the end of this year.

    But if you are anxious to use it, we recommend that you use NWA1123-AC Pro AP which is supported WDS now.

    The application of WDS in our experience like:
    If there are three floors in the house. you would like to use AP which is connected to switch and located on the first floor, but other APs are not easy to deploy Ethernet cables to other floors, so you can use WDS to extend the signal. Is your application environment similar? or may I know the application scenario of yours?

    BTW, NWA AP models include NWA1123AC-HD and NWA1123-AC-pro AP products are classified in another enterprise businessforum as below link:

    If you still have any problems with these APs, please post it on this forum, we will response your question as soon as possible.

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