Switch 10GBits/s Stackable

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Currently we use the XS3700-24 Switches to connect our 4 servers via SFP+. Unfortunately this model is not "stackable".
Which model to use? If not, when will a model be available?

Thanks in advance and best regards.


  • JasonTsai
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    Hi @HMS,

    We have XGS3700 series and XGS4600 series for you to choose, they all support stacking and each has four 10G ports.
    If you don't need all ports to be 10G, we recommend you may consider those series.
    Here is the specifications link of those series:
    XGS4600 Series
    XGS3700 Series

    In our current design, XS3700-24 doesn't support physical stacking, but the good news is we already have a plan to publish a new Switch that has all 10G ports and does support physical stacking in the future.

    Hope it helps.

  • HMS
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    Hello and thank you for your answer.
    Unfortunately, the XGS4600 Series and XGS3700 Series switches only have 4 10GB ports. Which is not enough.

    Our 4 servers each have 4 10GBits ports.
    2 ports per server would be connected to a 10GBits Switch. The other 2 ports connected to a second 10GB switch.
    2 ports per switch would be used to connect to another 2 * XGS3700-48 Stack

    Thus, it would require a 10GBits/s "Stackable" Switch model with at least 10*10GBits ports.

    Do you have a date of availability for this Switch Full 10GBits Stackable?
  • JasonTsai
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    Hi @HMS,

    We have a meeting on this case.
    Our current schedule on the new switch which will fulfill the "stackable all 10G ports" is in the next year.