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I need help and I only have a week to figure this out. 

I'm currently in the Philippines where my ISP has all my ports blocked.  I need to be able to access my network here from my home network in the USA. The reason, I am only in the Philippines once a year and would like to be able to access my network from the USA to see my cameras in my house.  I have access to my home in the USA through remote access.  So I can test whatever changes I make to see if the VPN will work. 

This is sort of what my network looks like.  Forgive me but I am very limited on setting up a network.  I am just learning how to use the USG20-VPN.  I can do remote desktop just fine, port forwarding just fine.  But not setting up a SSL VPN.

NOTE: there is an error in my map it says "Smart Wi-Fi" under the ZyXel USG20.  It does not have Wi-Fi.

Here is how I have the SSL VPN is setup

Screen shots of the VPN client from the USA

I have tried following YouTube videos I found on the internet on setting up SSL VPN for .  But something is not right. 

First question: If I am doing remote access to my home in the USA and I try running ZyWall VPN client would it let me?  Would the remote desktop block any attempt to VPN? 

Second question: Can the Cisco DCP3825 be blocking it somehow?  It has WIFi not that that matters.  But I saw somewhere that it had VPN in it.  It also has some form of firewall.

Third question: Since the Cisco DCP3825 is a router, do I have to do any port forwarding to the USG20 since the WAN address for the USG20 is from the Cisco DCP3825?

Fourth question: I can not access the ZyXel USG20-VPN using remote management.  Any thoughts on why I can not see it?  I think this is related to the Cisco DCP3825.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.


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