GS1900-24 webGUI: bugs? Missing functions?

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My GS1900-24 is running fine, even now with the VLANs: stable and fast. The only problem was getting there: I found the web gui somewhat buggy:

- it only runs in the browser's  incognito mode (in normal mode it is gone immediately after login)
- if I accidentally "touch" the dropdown button at the top of the list, it resets all ports to that value, even if I just configured the whole list 
- sometimes by just switching between screens (VLAN to Monitor for instance) it just logs out without any apparent reason
- the backup and restore screens work but it is not clear how to use them (but then again, it is not too hard to figure that out)
- overall, and quite contrary to the device itself, the gui feels buggy, laggy and instable

Is it only me, or do more people experience this?

Furthermore, the experience could be so much richer. Why not provide the ability to set color codes for VLANs and make those visible in the various screens, most important in the "Getting started" screen? It could provide you with an immediate insight in how the VLANs are configured, at least for the untagged ports. I also miss the opportunity to document my ports and VLANs, just adding some "description" fields here and there could be helpful. Just like pfSense does it, for instance. 
I am not a network professional and am just learning VLANs and stuff. I have no idea how other brands do this (if they offer this at all) and if this is just a plain stupid idea or not even possible. But for me, being a home user, a hobbyist, I feel like it could be very useful. How do other people look at that? 

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    Hi @BrightWolf

    For the browser's question, you can try to clean browser's cache and try again.
    For the reset all ports question, the dropdown button is to let users configure all ports with same setting. If you click it, device will think you would like to configure all ports to untagged (default) and then help you to change it.
    For the log out question, I think it is due to the session is timeout. Therefore, you can try to configure the session timeout value in Configuration > Management > HTTP/HTTPS.
    For other feedback, we will provide to our internal for reference.
    BTW, this forum is for home devices, for our business model devices such as GS1900 series, you may seek our biz forum. 

    Best regards,