Change management VLAN on GS1200-5

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Management VLAN must be VLAN 1 on GS1200-5. The 8 ports equivalent switch (GS1200-8) had the same issue but has been fixed by recent firmware update. 
Any chance to have the same fix for GS1200-5 too ?



  • mark.vijgen
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    Already implemented 

    be aware you need a V2 for this 

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    It looks like the GS1200-5 and the older GS1200-5HP
    haven't been updated to support custom management VLANS.

    The GS1200 series is, in my opinion, a SOHO switch.
    I would be surprised if Zyxel added additional functionality
    to a switch that currently sells for $25 USD.

    If you're in an SMB environment, the 1900 series (or higher) is a better choice.

    If you're in a home or SOHO environment, I can't think of any obvious
    reason to change the management VLAN.