Purchased a USG40W secondhand - Licensing questions

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I have successfully registered my USG40W with Zyxel, but I have no clue as to where I stand in regards to licening of any relevant functions. My registration at MyZyxel is done.  I have also updated the FW to 4.62 and I am about to start integrating it in to my existing SOHO LAN .

Could someone enlighten me please? What do I need? What is the 15 days grace period and how does it count towards this scenario?

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    After several attempts to find and do a simple 1-2-3 step process for the activation of the device to MyZyxel I tried a few methods and finally managed to get it on to the portal via the setup script. Whomever wrote manuals and instructions does NOT get high marks for pedagogical and logical approach.

    So now I also see my device in the licensing portal and since I am only interested IDP I am looking to buy that license ONLY. I already have comprehensive local AV solutions installed and paid, Bitdefender Total. So not shelling out 300plus € for a bundle of software where only one app may be useful.

    I also noticed that the licenses used with this device were probably only used for a year which I don't get, if you buy something like this you are better of having it for a few years learning it well and taking advantage of the tech development.

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    Hi @SecCon

    Thanks for your feedback and experience sharing.

    Although you had linked your license with your device, you can still refer to the following link :



    BTW, if your license is going to be expired you can purchase it on Zyxel Marketplace.



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    There is no license on the device nor do I have any additional info about any license.

    What I am saying is that I am not interesetd in buying any license but for IDP, yet that possibility is not available.

    Anyway I made a suppor ticket to Market and we'll see if they can solve his for me of if I just dump your solutions entirely and go for something else... looked promising though.
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    ... and solved.

    Turns out some layout/graphic guy has placed a clickable checkmark inside a big graphic instead of just using a regular standard form.

    Form before function... stupid. :s

    Below image is the default.

    Then after realising that white check on blue back is actuallly clickable...

    Only now can I select individual products.... (not included in this post)

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