USG20W-VPN after upg 4.60 Firmware getting WIFI not working (cuts) after reboot or other situations.

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Sounds like we came back with WiFi antenna problem lived before version 4.33wk19 in 2019...?
I just upgrade to lastest 4.62 will see if I still see the problem

@ZyXel support could you confirm ?


  • kukuman
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    Hi @warioibm

    What is the symptom of WiFi? Did you encounter that symptom after upgrading to 4.62? 
  • Zyxel_Vic
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    Hi @warioibm
    4.33 wk19 was released quite a while, those fixes in this version should be all included on 4.62. What kind of WiFi antenna issue had you ever met and how's going after upgrading to 4.62?
  • warioibm
    warioibm Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Symptoms was
    1) no WiFi after my weekly reboot, tried putting On/Off antenna from console without result. Reboot has fixed the issue
    2) lost WiFi during night (not after a planned reboot), not sure if reboot was done unplanned (electricity lost?), haven’t check the logs, I have reboot.

    Since 4.62  did not yet get the issue... yet

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