What's the best approach to filtering (Allow/Deny) access to specific terminals for VPN users?

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Currently we have some ipsec ikev2 gateway which are allowed to connect to a certain LAN, and some other that are allowed to connect to an other LAN. But they always have access to the whole LAN they join (they can reach all the terminals inside that LAN)

We have many entries under Configuration > Security Policy > Policy Control
Close to the end, the following rule which I believe was created by default by firewall. 

Probably it is the rule allowing to access the whole LAN. 
What's the best approach to filtering, and allow VPN user to reach only the specified Address Group? 

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    Hi @phphil

    Step1. you can add address object group(e.q. IP address, FQDN).

    Step2. This policy’s Destination field choose that address group which you created on Step1.

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