pre-4.62 firmware out of support???

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I received an email this morning stating devices running firmware prior to v4.62 will experience a service interruption after April 30, 2021.

Below is text from the email:
"Zyxel continuously update Anti-Spam/Content Filter service for more advanced and precise security detection from McAfee, so we invite you to upgrade your firmware to ZLD4.62. If your firmware version is prior to ZLD4.62, your service condition will be interrupted after 30th April, 2021. Upgrade now to keep your service running without any interruption."

Which service will stop functioning?? The USG's content filter was changed to McAfee in v4.39(it was previously using Commtouch) so why do we need to upgrade all of our units to v4.62?? We have many devices running v4.39 on our various clients' networks and it will be a major headache if we have to go around and upgrade all of these!!

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  • Zyxel_Can
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    Hi @gb5102,


    If the users use 4.39 firmware, they will not influence from this.

    However, it's always best practice to keep Zyxel devices up-to-date.


    For easier firmware upgrade, users also can consider to enable Auto Update option under Maintenance > File Manager > Cloud Firmware Information menu.


    Best regards.

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  • Mario
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    Very important question from gb5102!
    @Zyxel_can: What FW version is affected? Acording to the mail all pre 4.62 will stop working.
    And about auto FW update: as long you have bugs like the FQDN stuff, IMHO it's too risky to enable auto update....

  • dpipro
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    @Mario is right about auto F/W upgrade. We had some bad expriences with it too. We prefer to manually update them
    Best regards

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