Need NWA210AX series AP support for the "Ethernet Neighbor" function.

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1. There are three NWA210AX series APs. Mode - Sand alone. They have an AP function - "Ethernet Neighbor".

2. Problem - the function works strangely. When the APs connected to the usual unmanaged switch, they see each other by "Ethernet Neighbor" perfectly.

3. When APs connected to a VPN50 router or to managed switch Microtik CRS305-1G-4S, the function stops working.

4. Question - what parameters need to be set on the above equipment in order for the function "Ethernet Neighbor" to become operational using router or managed switch?

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  • Greenlight
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    Network devices usually use LLDP packets to exchange device information with neighbor devices (which are directly connected to each other), so when those APs are connected to VPN50 or managed switch, they can't receive those information from each other (the VPN50 or managed switch learned/received the neighbor information instead).

    The reason why you can see APs in the Ethernet neighbor in case 1 is because, the unmanaged switch won't learned(received) the LLDP packet and directly broadcast it instead. so all APs can recognize each other and display other's information in the list.

    I'm not sure if there's any option that can be set on VPN50 or managed switch to let them forward LLDP packets. But base on the protocol, there should be no way. As an alternative, you can check all neighbors information on VPN50/Managed Switch(which is directly connect to all APs).

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    Hi @Ark,
    The neighbor information is come from the LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) packet, so the AP will get the neighbor's info when the neighbor supports LLDP as well. 
    As Greenlight mentioned, the un-managed switch does not support LLDP and broadcast the LLDP packet, so when the other APs connected to the un-managed switch get the packet, they will reply to the AP, so there's information of the other APs in the item 2. However, if the un-managed switch is replaced to a managed switch or router/gateway which are supported LLDP, they will reply the LLDP packet to the AP to show as the neighbors on the web GUI.
    If you want to check Zyxel devices in your environment, you may use ZON to scan and the devices will show on the ZON utility. Here's the ZON download website for your reference.