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I would like to Connect from the Client_HoOf to the RDS-Server. The USG40 get the Internet from the FritzBox. The USG40 is connected with IPSec to the Company

I create a NAT and a Policy. When i try to connect to the RDS-Server with the IP i get the ACCESS BLOCK shown in the Picture. Whats wrong in my Config? Need more information?

Thanks Christian

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  • PeterUK
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    You should not need the NAT rule as you be going down IPSec tunnel so if the tunnel is setup correctly you go to from

    The gateway for should be really your PC should be conncted to the USG40W then it to the FritzBox for internet.....

    So is the USG connected the FritzBox LAN? are you using the WAN port on the USG for this?

    Edit: with the NAT rule try it with firewall disabled on USG

  • baumgaertnerc
    Hey, the Gateway for is, the IP of the FritzBox. Yes the USG is connected to the FritzBox LAN with the WAN Port on the USG.

    I think the SecurityPolicy is wrong. We have the same constellation with a firewall from a german manufacturer an there works this fine.
  • tonygibbs16
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    If you do a traceroute or tracert from your PC to the RDS Server, then how far does it get?

    Perhaps you could run it and post it here, to show if the traceroute gets to the far end of the IPSEC tunnel or not.
        - I think that it would help in finding out if your issue is at the USG40 or Zywall 310 end or not.

    Similarly, If you ping the RDS-Server, then which item responds?
         - do you get a destination unreachable reply from somewhere?

    I hope that this is helpful.

    KInd regards,

  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @ baumgaertnerc

    Please check if USG40W has a policy route for to, to VPN tunnel to ZyWALL310.

    You may also need set a policy route on Zywall310 for to, to VPN tunnel to USG40W.

    On both devices need to set up policy route rule.

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