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I think that is more nice, safe to use SMB3 protocol and not smb v1.
To read and share ntfs, fat and aps (apple filesystem) usb from G5 can be useful.
(adding bonjour service)
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    .... Maybe you're talking about... a Router?

    Anyway, AFAIK APFS (and not aps) still not fully mastered as read/write capability for Linux, therefore the modules for read/write on embedded device will take... a bit more.
    MacOS still can read HFS, but AFAIK i never had the chance to use a device which could read HFS or EXT3/4 USB drives. Most of these read/wrote NTFS, FAT32, exFAT...
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    yes about G5 that read randomly right-fail an ssd in ntfs/fat mode and the share is super bugged.
    Howether yes APFS as alternative, if windows file system is hard to "eat".
    The guide omits witch file system to use for share.
    With win10 specially in 2021 is useful SMB3, why the smb1?!?
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    I have the same question about Armor G5, SMBv1 is deprecated on Windows10. 
    Are there any plans to upgrade?