Mixed Subnets/GeoIP groups?

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Can a GeoIP definition from objects be part of a group?

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  • Mario
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    Yes, you can group multiple GEO Objects to a group, but you can't mix Host/Subnet and GEO in one group.
    You have also the option to add IP / Ranges / Subnet to a Country, if the Zyxel Database hasn't the corect information.
    Let me know if this works for you.

  • mMontana
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    Not the straighest way to get the result, but it works. Thanks for your hint, @Mario
    However, for avoiding (personal) confusion I prefer to have two rules for allowing access. One for subnet group, one for Geography.
    I know that's sub-optimal, and too many rules (currently 32, few disabled) are not that few, but not even that much.

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