VLAN on WiFi Hotspot NWA1123-AC-Pro not working

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I want to segregate my wirless network with VLAN's.
I have an usg60W - GS2210 - NWA1123AC-Pro configuartion.

I created the VLAN's on the USG Firewall including a DHCP on each of the VLAN's.

I created VLAN's on subnet on the GS2210 Switch

I associated every SSID to a VLAN on the NWA1123

unfortunately I probably have a mistake in my thinking because the Wi-Fi client doesn't pick up an IP Address and if I assign an IP address to the interface it won't communicate.

Every hint is welcome

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    Hi Alex,

    The setting is correct in Wi-Fi part: just simply add the VLAN ID you'd like to assign to the devices connecting to this SSID.

    Two points I want to mention is on USG and Switch: 

    1. Is the "base port" of your VLAN Interface on USG actually the DMZ ? Please make sure it's the port that connecting to the switch. (You can check the "port" tab in the same page to see the role of each port)

    2. For the VLAN Settings on the switch, please also set up the static vlan on the "switch ports that connects to AP and USG Firewall", you can refer to the screenshot below for the configuration. (select the needed ports to "fixed") The directory is [Advanced Application > VLAN > Static VLAN Setup]


    Best Regards,

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    Is DHCP server enable into vLAN 6 on your USG60W?
    Are you gonna use the USG's integrated AP Management for your NWA-1123 AC Pro?
    On your GS2210 the "incoming" vLAN port from USG60W is vLan tagged and enabled?
    Which is the vlan configuration of the port of your AP? AFAIK if not tagged and only with one SSID, vLAN ID should not be necessary...
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    Many thanks for your help. I forgot to tag the uplink ports. all is working now.
    Great support
    thanks again

    have a nice day